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What Are Auxiliary Pointers In A Master's Thesis: Design Tips


Subsidiaries are an optional part of a master's thesis, so students don't always pay attention to it. When it comes to compiling this element and designing it, undergraduates may have certain difficulties. For solving them, there's a wide selection of companies such as write my papers that will extend their services to you. Most of the authors of master's studies remember about pointers at the last moment, so they need effective advice on these issues. They can be found in this article.


Why do you need auxiliary pointers in a master's thesis?


What are auxiliary pointers in a master's thesis? Each of us has come across auxiliary pointers since school, when leafing through encyclopedias or study guides, but this element does not always attract our attention. At the end of sources with a large amount of information, they often provide a list of key concepts or names that occur in the text, with an indication of the pages. Experienced writers that work on will tell you that this is done so that the reader can easily find the information he is interested in. Auxiliary indexes can be compared to a hyperlink on the Internet, only an electronic "relative" immediately directs the reader to the desired material, and the book still has to look through. The auxiliary index in the master's thesis performs the same functions as in scientific aids, helping to easily navigate the content of the work. Place it after or instead of attachments.


Types of auxiliary pointers


What kinds of auxiliary pointers are there? As a student, you aren't expected to master them, and if even beginning seems too hard, the team of writers from will help you out. In master's studies, the following pointers are most common:

  • alphabetic-subject (a list of basic terms that are found in the text of the master's thesis with an indication of the pages on which they are located);
  • a personal index (another name is an index of names) - a list of proper names (most often personal) in alphabetical order.


These types have both general design requirements and some peculiarities.


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